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Hotel/Travel Information

Stay and Play Tournaments:

This means that to compete in the tournament, you must be staying in one of the official room blocks.

When reserving your hotel room keep in mind:

We will not know until sometime the week of the tournament if we are in the AM WAVE (morning playing group starting at 8 am) or the PM WAVE (afternoon playing group starting at 2 or 3pm). 


If we are in the AM WAVE, teams usually stay the night prior and have a team meeting at the hotel around 7pm.

If we are in the PM WAVE then we meet about an hour prior to our scheduled pool starting time.

It is best to reserve a room that can be cancelled if possible with no penalty.

Savannah Showcase

(Individual Team/Parent code listed):

Clarion Inn & Suites Midtown 6800 ABERCORN STREET


14 Elite    Parent Passcode:  P19588642996280

15 Elite    Parent Passcode:  P10598642996270

Holiday IN Express & Suites Midtown 11325 ABERCORN STREET, SAVANNAH, GA

16 Premier   Parent Passcode:  P12598031199280

17 Elite       Parent Passcode:  P13598031199290

18 Premier  Parent Passcode:  P14598031290200

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