Tournament Schedule

This is a tentative Tournament Schedule for each level or team play.

We will be possibly making adjustments to the schedules once the teams are formed and we have the parent meeting to meet the needs of the athletes  selected.

AAU Teams-$1200

January 22         Cape Coast         Melbourne(U10-U14) 

March              Cape Coast           Melbourne

April 16            Apogee             Titusville 

April 30/1                      AAU Regionals                 Game Point Orlando

February 26       Mardi Gras           Jacksonville 

National- $1700

January 22       Cape Coast              Melbourne    (U10-U14)
January 29       Cape Coast              Melbourne    (U15-U18)

February 26      Apogee                  Titusville     (U10-U18

February 19/20  Orange Blossom       Winterhaven  (U1-U18)

March 26/27     Net Threat             Jacksonville   (U10-U18)

March 6/7        Volleyball Classic    Orlando CC    (U10-U18)

April 2/3   AAU Citrus Grove Grand Prix      Winterhaven    (U10-U18) 

April 16           Apogee                 Titusville       (U10-U18)

April30/1         AAU Regionals       Game Point      (U10-U14

May 7/8           AAU Regionals       Game Point      (U15-U18)

January 15/16   Big House Super Reg  Tavares        (10-18) 

Elite - $1900

January 22/23       Tropical Ice Challenge           jacksonville

February 19/20         Orange Blossom   Winter Haven

February  12/13    Daytona 100         Daytona                  

March ?                 Disney Classic     Orlando

March 26/27           AAU Spring Fling   Game Point      Orlando

April 1-3            Sunshine Qualifier   Orlando

April 16                Apogee              Titusville

May 7/8                AAU regionals      Orlando                 

Bold are the USAV tournaments